Health & Safety

Our Healthy & Safety Process

Site Preparation

We will take a full assessment of your project site where the scaffolding structure will be assembled. This enables to account for any possible risk or potential concerns before we start erecting the scaffold.

Risk Assessments

Our health and safety team will provide a complete method statement and risk assessment to iron out any weak points whilst ensuring our customers and staff understand what needs to be fixed.

Safety Inspections

Once we have erected any scaffolding we will always undergo routine safety inspections and monitoring our company's performance for complying with health and safety regulations.

Continuous Improvement

Here at SSA Scaffolding Ltd, our scaffolding company and contractors are dedicated to continuously improving our health and safety process. We sometimes ask our customers to fill out an optional questionnaire.

With decades of experience in scaffolding and access solutions, our scaffolding contractors have a great deal of knowledge with health and safety regulations. Our scaffolding company have a dedicated health and safety team who work towards reducing risk and spotting potential dangers. This not only helps protect our customers and staff but prevents yourself or company receiving an H&S fines. If you wish to read more into health and safety, then feel free to visit the HSE website and the NASC website.

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